Friday, April 24, 2009

Last week Madness, Foolishness and Insanity

Friday 17.04.09, Marketplace and Tag@Marketplace and Barsonic

We went to marketplace to support ayu's friend and eventually ended up with tag at barsonic

I almost vomited myself there looking at some girls dancing trance and listening to it. Somehow I couldn’t find any reverberation that tickles and dances with my heart at Marketplace.

Saturday 18.04.09, Nurita and Yasmin Fashion Show/Lapsapsed@Aristo and Barsonic

I accumulated my energy for Saturday night and it was significance. Put your hands together for 2 jugs of red bull that almost execute me and ayu ;)

Sunday 19.
04.09, Phangan Sunset with Threadszoo@Mardigras, One Utama.

We managed to open a booth there and appreciation to all my friends for helping us out

Rally Round Bang Bang Boom!!
Jojo, Kai and Add showing off the bikinis


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